"The ultimate punk-rock feel-good flick" -Seattle Weekly

We're now shipping DVDs of Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story.

This dual layer NTSC DVD includes the 88 minute "theatrical version" of the film and an additional 90 minutes of live performances, interviews, deleted scenes and archival footage. A fascinating documentary glimpse at the lives of these reclusive underground legends. More film/ band info.

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VERY IMPORTANT! Please note : This DVD is NTSC only- ZONES 1,2,3,4,5,6 aka "Region Free", sometimes called Zone 0.

It should play in Muliti-zone / Region Free DVD players but as it is NOT PAL we cannot offer any warranty that it will work with your specific player and television set! Please be guided by your prior experience with your system.

Thanks for supporting Dead Moon and for your interest in this project!

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